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The Peak District

The Peak District was designated the first national park in the UK back in 1951. Since that date it has grown in popularity and is now the second most visited national park in the world – only Mount Fuji in Japan attracts more visitors. Every year there are over 22 million trips made to the Peak District National Park, with crowds coming from the nearby cities of Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham. There are plenty of reasons to make the trek, with deep caves, beautiful rivers, rolling hills, futuristic peat landscapes, quaint farms, and challenging walks all lying in wait. Traditionally, the Peak District is split into two distinct zones of The White Peak and The Dark Peak, with the logic behind this found in the local stone that colours the landscape and is used to build walls and buildings. The Peak District truly is a gem, nestled in the heart of northern England. If you have been before, you will surely call again. If you haven’t experienced it yet, why wait any longer.